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Odessa 360 is dedicated to panoramic photography of Odessa in order to display every side of the city.

It’s much easier to get the full idea of a city or any definite place with the help of panoramic photography and virtul tours. This project will be of interest both to the tourists and locals. The guests of our city can get an idea of tourist attractions, places of interest in Odessa – and to share them with their friends.

One more thing. Each year brings more and more intense changes to the city. We cannot find familiar places, famous historic buildings, and a few years later they completely disappear from our memories. Panoramic photo, as time slice of the city life, allows capturing a momentary appearance of a place.

The project was created with the support of the Odessa city council

Yuri Bilogolovsky Odessa 360

Yuri Bilogolovsky

idea, photos, texts

Александр Москаленко

Olexandr Moskalenko

texts, website

Helen Kalinova Odessa 360

Helen Kalinova

photos, translations