Yet another reminder of great Odessans from the past. On April 18, an opening ceremony of a memorial plaque in honor of the Odessa mayor Arman-Emmanuel du Plessis, Duke de Richelieu (Duke) was held in Odessa. The memorial plaque is installed on the building at Lanzheronovskaya street, where in 1803-1814 the Duke’s office was located. Rather, on the building of the hotel “Mozart”, which is in place of the historical building, as it was destroyed during the war. The author of the commemorative plaque is the sculptor Klim Stepanov.

“The Duke of Richelieu was a progressive mayor who laid the foundations of the infrastructure and self-government of Odessa, made the city European. And today we actively support the principles of the European direction of development of Odessa laid by him”, – Vice Mayor of Odessa Petr Riabokon said during the opening ceremony. The opening of the memorial plaque was timed to the International Day of Monuments and Historic Sites or the World Heritage Day.

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