So, you love Odessa and know everything about the history of the city? Do you remember which house Kataev was born in, where Richelieu lived, in which restaurant Pushkin liked to dine and where Mishka Yaponchik made his first raid? So you know where the famous scenes of the Battleship Potemkin, The Golden Calf and Liquidation were filmed and you’re pretty sure that you could found an extra couple of interesting filming locations for the moviemakers? Streets, squares and lanes of this city for you are not just names and house numbers, but they are the scenes for an endless number of exciting plots? Then you have yet another opportunity to show yourself.

Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Council runs a contest for the best script of the educational quest “Discover Odessa for yourself”.  The competition accepts works relating to the history of the city, biographies of famous Odessans, books, songs and films devoted to Odessa, famous city buildings and art objects. Quests are accepted in five categories: “Downtown foot quest lasting 1 hour”, “Foot quest lasting 3 hours”, “Quest lasting 6 hours, using transport”, “Bike quest”, “Quest in English”.

Anyone can take part in the competition and win, as participants are divided into 3 categories: schoolchildren, professionals (working in tourism and excursions) and amateurs. The jury, which includes local historians, tour-guides and representatives of the City Council, will select the top 3 works, whose authors will receive valuable prizes and the right to publish on city tourist portals.
The first stage of the selection will last until March 11, inclusive, the entries will be accepted to the email address

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